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April 2015, Toronto, Ontario

I took these photographs of my mother when I was pregnant with my first child. Before I had children, I was ignorant about the challenges of parenthood and the unique complexities of motherhood. Society has many unexpressed expectations for women--motherhood is no different. The hidden richness of motherhood and the roles a mother plays in the lives around her--these are all so interesting to me. Many aspects of motherhood are mundane, some parts are joyful, and some parts are petty. 


My relationship with my own mother is often complicated by the fact that we see the world so differently. There isn't much that I inherited from my mother, except for her facial features, her temper, and her sense of organization. But as I looked through the photos I took that day, I realized that her hands are rough so mine can be smooth. 

I am sure I will revisit this subject again.

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